Trumpet lessons with benefits

MusicFit Academy is a music school that teaches musical fitness, flexibility, balance, strength, confidence and much more. We bring the fun to music lessons through dynamic teaching and true passion. Unlike other music schools, MusicFit Academy is all about one So, here are just a few of the benefits of being part of our MusicFit team.


"I wish I had the book we used in our lesson today!"

Did you just love that book we used in our lesson today? Now you can take it for a test drive. You can rent almost any book from the studio for just $2 per week. Just remember that as soon as you walk out with it, it is your job to keep it safe. Damaged, marked or bent books will have to be replaced by you!

Yes, it's mine :)

Yes, it's mine :)

"Oh no! I overslept!"

If something happens and you know you will be over 10 minutes late to your lesson, you have the option to Skype your lesson. (Please see HERE for more information on what you need to Skype.) 

"I don't want to be bored."

I have designed several challenges you are able to take on apart from the usual solo and warm-up routines. You could choose to be a "scale ninja", which would challenge you to learn dozens of scales at your desired pace and be rewarded for each level you complete. Or you could be brave and take on the “Rhythm Bootcamp”, in which each week you would face a new rhythm challenge designed to take your rhythm skills through the roof. And so much more!

"I just don't have time to practice 90 minutes every day."

Don’t worry, we will take each week at a time and set expectations based on your schedule. I know kids have soccer, dance, school, tennis, drama and even chess. Everyone has different needs and goals...and that's totally ok. Adult players are also busy with work, kids, soccer games and more. So don't sweat it, I will expect as much as you can give.

"This is just a hobby. Do I have to learn all this technical stuff?"

I teach all kinds of people how to play the trumpet. Kids and adults, hobbyists and serious players. While aspiring professionals will see a lot of technical and specific practice material, hobbyists will see a little bit of that and a lot more of the stuff they're interested in. Just don't forget that in order to play the trumpet at any level, every player must spend at least a little bit of time daily on fundamentals.

More fundamentals = Better playing = More fun...rinse and repeat.