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We have had a fabulous experience with MusicFit Academy. Estela is a kind, knowledgeable and motivating teacher. She is a top-notch musician and an excellent educator. My daughter enjoys her lessons and she is growing in her technique and musicianship as a result of Estela’s excellent teaching.
— Ellen Davisen, parent ***
MusicFit Academy and Estela Aragon are Godsends! My son loves his lessons via Skype and I don’t even have to remind him it’s time! His playing has improved and in his words, “Estela is teaching me little tricks and tools and they’re making me play better...” I love not having to drive back and forth and wait in the car the way I did with traditional lessons. Thanks Estela!
— Laurie Rhoads, parent ***
Miss Estela is a wonderful trumpet teacher! She explains concepts in a way that makes sense, and has helped my confidence, range, dexterity, and overall sound improve tremendously.
Blow through the phrase and sing EVERYTHING. Thanks for all of the help!
— Emily, student
Estela is a terrific teacher, my only regret is we didn’t meet much much sooner! My daughter had several other tutors through high school and they were fine but after just a few weeks at MusicFit I could hear significant improvement in the sound / tone and a much greater confidence level. We give her the highest possible recommendation!
— Patricia Mozdrierz, parent

Finding Estela and MusicFit Online is a dream come true, living in Northern Michigan. The quality of the lessons available to us was limited to college students with talent, but no degree or playing history, and with a 2-hour round trip travel time. Estela has brought experience and knowledge to the table that others cannot compare. She is currently teaching my 13 year old son who plays trumpet in 8th grade and has achieved 1st chair position in high school concert band out of 9 trumpets and 1st chair in our county’s junior high school honors band. After taking lessons from Estela he was accepted and received a partial scholarship to internationally known Interlochen Music Camp program. With all that said what I love about online lessons is no road trips, fuel costs and loss of my personal time. We love Music Fit Academy; it’s a perfect fit for our family needs.
— Todd Agee, parent ***
Estela is a great teacher! I’ve been taking online lessons with her and I’ve come a long ways with her from when I first started. I highly recommend!
— Thomas, student ***
Great instruction and encouragement for my daughter, plus she also teaches the brass ensemble at her school and it’s great. Thanks Estela!
— Libby Cross, parent
One of the best music educational experiences we have ever had! Miss Aragon is a fabulous teacher‼
— Anna Brady, parent

The time I spent with Estela was invaluable. Her lessons were very helpful! Each time we were together she gave me something new and important to help me become a better player.
— Ed, student
Estela has been great! She really connects with my son and he is re-interested in applying himself. He had started to lose interest with his last teacher.
— Ann Vance, parent ***
As an adult beginning to play the trumpet, Estela is fantastically patient and accommodating to my particular needs as a student. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn and expand their skills.
— Gabe, student

I’ve only been taking lessons with Estela for about a month now but people have already noticed improvement in not only my rhythm and style but also in my confidence. I actually enjoy going to lessons now because she’s incredibly friendly and the lessons are interesting. The homework she assigns don’t feel like homework because I enjoy learning the pieces given.
— Maggie, student
My son is a freshman at A. C. Flora High School and began private lessons with Estela in September of 2013. Estela has done a wonderful job in instructing Adams in areas that his band instructors have not always had time for. This year he made Honor District, Honor Region and Honor Jazz Band. He is now first chair for Flora’s Concert and Symphonic Band. We attribute much of his success to Estela’s teaching. She’s very professional, makes her expectations known, and gets Adams to meet those expectations. I think her own work habits and love for playing have motivated Adams as much as anything else. She keeps me informed of his progress, is very flexible with practice times, and always lets us know of any upcoming concerts that might be of interest/benefit to him. We are very happy and thankful to have her as a teacher!
— Brenda Way, parent
My daughter, Emily, began private lessons with Estela during the second half of her sixth grade year while taking band as an elective. Estela seemed to transfer her enthusiasm for the trumpet to my quiet daughter. When she started 7th grade she was placed in the Symphonic band, bypassing her peers and was chosen for the All County Honor Band in 7th and 8th grade. She also earned superior ratings in Solo and Ensemble during 7th and 8th grade. During Emily’s time with her she encouraged her to participate in a trumpet workshop and attend some trumpet concerts at the University of Tampa, and provided recordings of famous trumpet players for her to enjoy. All of these different musical experiences that Estela exposed Emily to helped foster an enthusiasm and love for the trumpet. As a parent I am very grateful for Estela’s influence on Emily. She helped my daughter catch the trumpet bug.
— Barbara Lind, parent
Estela is currently teaching my son trumpet. His advancement since beginning working with her is impressive. She was able to take a beginner trumpet player, with very little music theory knowledge, to a child that is comfortable reading and playing music. He is excited about practicing (!!!) and going to his lessons. Her weekly challenges to him are things that he can strive towards and it is so gratifying for him to attain those goals. She is flexible in scheduling, talented in her own right, and is an excellent instructor.
— Dee Blank, parent ***
Estela is an amazing teacher. Before I started working with her I could barely hit any high notes, but now I can easily hit those notes and higher. She is nice and she will make sure you are challenged.
— Neal, student
Estela Aragon was my son’s trumpet teacher for several years. My son enjoyed lessons with Estela, and his musical ability greatly improved. She was able to motivate Anthony throughout those difficult pre-teen years. He is now participating in All State and All County honor bands, and received a superior rating on his solo. He will be attending college in the fall, and has already been accepted into the music program at The University of Tampa. We were lucky to have had Estela for Anthony’s private lessons.
— Drs. Bonnie & Stan Rice – parents
I started taking private lessons with Estela almost immediately after starting to play the trumpet in sixth grade. My private lessons with Estela improved my trumpet ability not only for the time in which I was taking lessons from her, but what I took from the years of lessons still continues to help me grow as a musician. Estela not only exposed me to different techniques and styles of trumpet playing she also exposed me to various musicians. The skills I took from studying with Estela have helped me excel in my high school trumpet career and I would not be the musician am today if it was not for my time studying with her.
— Emily, student

Master class Reviews

Ms. Aragon comes to Hand Middle School four times a month to work with my seventh and eighth grade trumpet players. My students are so excited to work with her that I don’t even have to keep up with the schedule. My trumpeters keep a count-down going until the next “Ms. Aragon Day.” It’s awesome when a student makes so much progress that they can hear it themselves!
— Mary Schweickert, band director - Hand MS
I recently had Estela Aragon come work with my students who are preparing for region and all state band auditions. Not only was her clinic thought provoking and informative, but the kids were actively engaged and smiling the entire time. My students thoroughly enjoyed working with Estela, and your students will as well. I will definitely have her back again at A.C. Flora.
— T.J Shank, band director - AC Flora HS
Estela goes above and beyond most private lesson teachers. She establishes a level of professionalism with her students that any band director would appreciate. Her expectations for her students are very clear and the results are undeniable.
— James Barnes, band director - Blythewood HS
During Band Camp this year my brass section here at Airport High School participated in a Master Class called “Big Sounds” by Miss Estela Aragon. An immediate growth in sound was evident the next day in rehearsal. Most pleasing was the fact that for the first time in 4 years the brass was not called out for over blowing in competition by any of the music judges we faced this season. Several times during the year we were complimented on the amount of controlled volume we were able to put out considering our size. This important result coupled with the fact that my students responded very well to Miss Aragon’s instruction made the Master Class a most pleasing event. I highly recommend her Master Class to any group wishing to grow and develop their overall sound. Your kids will have a great time!
— Michael Rooker, band director - Airport HS