Trumpet LEssons online


  • Distance can't stop you from working with a qualified, professional and experienced trainer.

  • There is no travel time! Yay!

  • On Skype you can check back to see your lesson notes, we can share files, pictures, videos and even share our screens. It's a lot more personal than you might think!

  • You can record your lessons.

  • There are less distractions! This study shows that students are less distracted in online lessons. There is also much more eye-contact!

  • Students are more likely to go practice right away while they're still inspired and pumped from their lesson.

  • The warm-up can actually happen right before the lesson begins.

To find out about the trumpet studio in general please click HERE!

You will need a...

  • Computer with speakers or an available headphone output. (tablets and even phones work too, though a computer is highly recommended)

  • Skype account. Skype allows me to share files, picture, videos, notes and even share my screen with the student :)

  • Good internet connection

  • Web camera and microphone. (Most computers have these)

  • Headphones are not required, but can really enhance your experience.

Trumpet Online LessonS FAQ

  1. How do I pay tuition? - Monthly invoices are sent to you via the student portal. There is a small fee, but you an avoid it by simply mailing checks.

  2. When do I pay tuition? - Tuition is paid on the 1st of the month, every month. For information on tuition click here.

  3. How do I get a Skype account? - Simply go to and download the Skype application onto your computer, tablet or phone and open it to create an account.

Check out the Tuition Plan

The popularity of learning via Skype or other live video providers is growing in demand, and for good reason. Try it and see it work for yourself.

Thanks to Chad Twedt for his article on online music lessons!