As a member of this studio it's important to be aware of all membership guidelines. They are all on this page for your convenience. Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.


fall 2019 dates and must-knows

august 19th -  december 14th

4 tuition installments due on the 1st of aug. oct. nov. and dec.

Tuition Plan

In order to maintain the quality of our musical training, we require that commitment be for one semester at a time. Every student must commit to a preset amount of lessons per semester. Lessons cannot be skipped and will be made-up as long as, and only if, they are in accordance with the policies found in the MusicFit Membership Guide below. All policies can be found 24/7 on this page.

membership tuition:

  • 30-minute lessons - $30/per lesson

  • 45-minute lessons - $42/per lesson

  • 60-minute lessons - $52/per lesson

Payment options:

  1. You can pay for the entire semester upfront.

  2. Or you can make monthly installments. (see below)

important term information:

  • Students who cannot continue through the summer and WILL NOT return in the Fall must notify MusicFit by May 1st. Students who cannot continue through the summer but WILL return in the Fall must separate their vacancy with a $75 deposit by June 1st. This also applies to any students who must take a semester off; they must separate their vacancy with a $75 deposit by the 1st day of the missing semester. When you return to lessons, your deposit will be applied to your first installment.

If you join midway we will adjust the number of lessons accordingly and prorate your installments. Please note that the first day of each semester changes every year. 

Please check the top of this page for details on important term dates. 

Lesson Breaks

There are no lessons during Thanksgiving week. In December, lessons usually end by the third week and resume the second week of January; giving students time to settle into their school schedules. We do have lessons on all other holidays, but if you need to cancel please do so in accordance to the cancellation policy found on this document to avoid forfeiting lessons. In the Spring, there is a 1-week spring break, which is announced on the MusicFit website and via an email reminder. Finally, each semester is separated by a 1-week break, with the exception of July into August, which is normally 2 weeks. This extra time gives students in marching band time to dedicate to their summer band camps. Please check the website’s “pricing/calendar” tab for further details.


Membership tuition is due on the 1st of each month; either through the automatic invoices sent via email, snail mail or with the student. Please note that paying online incurs a fee of 3 to 4% per transaction depending on your location. There is a 5-day grace period (counting the due date) for your payment to be received. If payment is not received by 5th of the month a $10 dollar fee will be added to your invoice. Should something keep you from being able to fulfill your financial responsibility please contact us. We encourage advanced and open communication so that we may perhaps accommodate to your necessities. 

For the full Tuition Plan please click the PDF link above!


Membership Guide

Expectations and Responsibilities:


  • Encourage daily practice, even if it's only for a short amount of time. Baby steps add up at the end of the year!

  • Provide a practice environment that is free from distractions.

  • Work with your child to schedule practice time. Time management can make or break musical progress.

  • Reply promptly to any emails/texts/calls regarding lessons or tuition. It is imperative that communication flows quickly for the functions of this school.

  • Finally, please be financially responsible and pay tuition on time. Music lessons are taught by a professional and expert in the field, and should be regarded as a serious commitment.


  • Arrive promptly at your lesson time. Not before, not after. Remember, you are reserving a time slot, not a time amount.

  • Keep up with your weekly workouts as given by your trainer.

  • Bring you gear: instrument, a pencil, ALL books, sheet music and oils/grease.

  • Have FUN!


  • Provide each student with a safe and fun learning environment, free from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.

  • Give each student personal attention, respect and take into account their specific needs and address them accordingly.

  • Spend time preparing for lessons and be ready to begin on time.

  • Teach technique, music theory and repertoire to all students.

  • Communicate with parents about progress and any other updates or concerns regarding the student.

  • Maintain a high level of personal musicianship.

ATTENDANCE, cancelling and make-up lessons

MAKE-UP CREDITS: Be aware that make-up lesson credits expire 30 days after they're awarded, and will expire at the end of the semester, whichever happens first. Please schedule your make-up lessons in a timely manner.

ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to commit to all scheduled lessons per semester. You will receive a reminder of your upcoming lesson 24 hours prior to help you avoid forgetting.

CANCELLING & MAKE-UP LESSONS: The MusicFit cancellation policy  is 7 days in advanced to be eligible for a make-up lesson. There are exceptions so please read the entire policy below. Absences here at MusicFit are sorted into one of 4 categories:

1) 7-day or more notification: 
Thank you for notifying me! You will receive a makeup credit, which you can use by signing into the student portal and picking your preferred makeup lesson slot.

2) 6 or less days of notification (qualifying emergency/sudden schedule change):
Should this happen I must be contacted by the PARENT to explain why the student needs to miss. Examples of a qualifying emergency or sudden schedule change include: new MANDATORY (if its not mandatory nicely explain to your teacher that you have a private lesson and it's best not to miss it) band/sports practice, sudden change of football game schedule, sudden doctors appointments, family emergency and sickness. In this case I will override the system and award you one makeup credit, which you can use to sign up for an available makeup lesson slot. 

3) 6 or less days of notification (not a qualifying emergency):
In this case, you will forfeit your lesson and will not receive a makeup credit. From now on please make sure you check your school/band/family calendar early and cancel your lesson through the student portal in a timely manner.

4) No show/no call
You will forfeit your lesson and will not receive a makeup credit.

IMPORTANT: It is the student's/parent's responsibility to sign into the student portal to cancel and schedule makeup lessons when available. At our discretion we may provide makeup group lessons. Also, lessons cannot be skipped or credited toward future lessons.

If we cancel, we will give you a makeup credit valid for the entire semester.


Students are naturally expected to spend time with their instrument at home. We will never say “practice two hours every day.” This is unrealistic because not every day’s workload is the same. We understand how busy students are and will discuss practice options individually during lessons. For this reason, students are expected to fulfill their individual expectations since they are shaped especially for them each week.


Sick students are not allowed to attend lessons until 3 days after their symptoms resolve, and will be sent home if they show up ill without refund. We recommend informing your trainer the student is too sick to attend their lesson so we can award you a makeup credit. This is to protect the environment of both the trainer and all students. 


Before you decide to terminate your membership, please do not hesitate to contact the MusicFit Academy to discuss options. Give us a chance to make your experience just right. If you still need to withdraw, you will be expected to settle your outstanding balance, if any. If you’ve already paid for future lessons you can choose to attend or forfeit them.


Through the student portal you can view your lesson calendar, lesson notes, studio news, cancel/reschedule lessons and much more. Please keep in mind that canceling AND rescheduling your makeup lessons through the student portal are your responsibility. For more information on the student portal and to login click HERE.


The MusicFit Academy reserves the right to permanently dismiss a student from the studio, at its own discretion.


In the rare event that bad weather forces us to cancel your lesson, we will reschedule it. 

Thank you for reading the membership guide. For further questions please contact me. I'm happy to help!