Trumpet Master classes in austin, tx


My brass section participated in a Master Class called “Big Sounds” by Miss Estela Aragon. I highly recommend her Master Class to any group wishing to grow and develop their overall sound. Your kids will have a great time!
— Michael Rooker, band director - Airport HS


Hi, you must be a music educator! Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will find what you're looking for, but if not please feel free to contact me for a completely tailored experience.

During a MusicFit Master Class, brass students will be taught the fundamentals of good tone production, rhythmic accuracy, musicality and much more through a dynamic and exciting single class. One-time classes come in all shapes and sizes, so please read below for more information. Teaching residencies at schools consist of a cumulative series of classes designed specifically for the group at hand. My brass ensembles learn to breathe together, shape phrases, release notes together and more, all while deepening their understanding of what music is supposed to sound like. I place an enormous amount of focus on precision across the board; precision on note length, pitch and accuracy. Flexibility in repertoire is key for master classes and I can work on brass ensemble music to be performed at a concert, band repertoire or a combination of both. By the end of one full semester, consisting of approximately 16 classes, students play with more confidence, more musicality and more joy. 


The "Big Sounds" master class focuses on producing a big, full, beautiful sound from your brass students. I can work with any brass combination of your choice, like all trumpet or mixed brass. We cover many aspects of how to get a big sound, such as breathing, listening and posture...and the best part, it's fun!

It's a dynamic environment with opportunities for everyone to get one-on-one attention. Everyone walks out with one thing they can do better, tailored for them, just for them. Don't miss out on this opportunity! 


The "Inner Rhythm" master class is all about getting your students to feel rhythms within themselves, so they can overcome rhythmic issues in their ensemble playing. Many young musicians lose track of time when holding a long note, speed up through fast rhythms, and often come in early or late. This class addresses those challenges by featuring intense work around rhythms, listening and team-work, consequently aiding ensemble work and communication. We also talk about the different response time of brass instruments and how to get rid of this infamous problem. It is perfect for any kind of music program and appropriate for all ages!


If your students are preparing for any type of honor band audition, this is the perfect master class for them. This upbeat and fun class reveals the secrets of successful auditions, from how to control nerves, to how to use breathing to their advantage, and it is perfect for ANY wind instrument!

They will have tons of fun while learning new practice techniques to save time and ensure a successful audition experience. Every student will even get a chance to perform in front of their peers for practice, and receive individualized feedback.


Are you getting ready for you concert band festival? Then let's get to work! This intense training session will work your brass section's sound, balance, technique, style and unified rhythm. This is the ultimate learning experience that focuses on the music you are preparing for concert band festival. You provide the score and I will take them to the next level!

We will workout the kinks and add the special effects for a brass section that will surely impress the judges. 

*This class is NOT for working out rhythms and notes!*

I recently had Estela Aragon come work with my students who are preparing for region and all state band auditions. Not only was her clinic thought provoking and informative, but the kids were actively engaged and smiling the entire time. My students thoroughly enjoyed working with Estela, and your students will as well. I will definitely have her back again at A.C. Flora.
— T.J Shank, band director - AC Flora HS


  • Single Master Class - 60 minutes - $60

  • Master Class Series - 50 minutes - $45 per class