My first it goes

I recently decided I should have a blog. A little place to share my experiences and thoughts on everything trumpet, from new fantastic trumpet websites, to breakthroughs with my students. It is with much happiness that I share my website with you,, where you can find out little things about me, some reviews from my students and their parents and of course where you can find the definition of TrumpetFit.

Here goes the answer to my top, most-frequently asked question…

How do I increase my range?

On Twitter ( @_claytonlarsen_ asked me: Do you have any tips for lead jazz playing? I have to be able to increase my range from double g to double c next week.

I had to almost do a double take on this…DOUBLE G to DOUBLE C?? My first thought was…wow this kid must be really freaking good at playing high. You go Clayton Larsen!

Well my friends, there are many many methods and I suggest you do a little research. One of my favorites is Claude Gordon Systematic Approach. This daily routine works on range every single day, each day challenging you to go higher and higher (as well as lower and lower). It is fantastic and has worked for many of my students. Here is the link to the book:

I learned a little trick from trumpeter Allen Vizzutti during my two years of lessons from him. This was something he “played” with now and then but as he said “You can just do it as much as you want, it won’t hurt”. Take a triplet starting on G above the staff like this:

G-Ab-G, Ab-A-Ab, A-Bb-A, Ab-A-Ab..and back down and up. Then do it a half step higher…and higher….and as high as you can go.

This really helped me build my range.

Stay tuned for a video of this quick workout and other trumpety news.