Talk about a wall of sound!

"Big Sounds" Master Class at Airport HS.

"Big Sounds" Master Class at Airport HS.


I had the pleasure of working with these guys today, and talk about a giant sound, especially from such a small brass section. That tuba player there, Ashley, she took her job seriously! She sounded like 3 tubas! To the left is Aubrey, this girl had so much wind power (and good thing she did because that horn she is holding is huge), she didn't even know what to do with it! All the sections improved greatly by the end, and everyone had a chance to have a mini lesson. We learned the most common breathing mistakes and most common posture problems. By the end, they were all pros at calling each other out!


This year the Airport High School Band will feature the marching show "WIRED" and I have no doubt they will electrify the audience.

Give them a wall of sound this season guys, good luck!

Thanks a ton to Mr. Rooker and Airport High School Bands for having me over!

"Big Sounds" Masterclass

Engaging like athletes is no easy feat, especially for young musicians, but these guys learned so much in one hour, that their band director said "they have never sounded like this."

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I don't have much time for a blog today, but I thought this topic deserved a quick one.

Giving a masterclass is always a new adventure. For those of you who have never taught one before, you never know what you're going to get. It could be a bunch of experienced high school seniors, all freshman, or that one group where everyone has been playing for years, except for the kid who just picked up the horn 2 months before. They could all be outgoing, or all really shy. You could even get the one who likes to share his life stories!

This is why I love giving these classes so much. It makes me put on my chameleon costume and challenges me to see what I can make of it. The "Big Sounds" Masterclass focuses solely on making big sounds, and drawing the kids out of their "box." I have to say, the Blue Devil Band kids had some guts today. They all begun unsure and ended playing like a real ensemble, all breathing together, releasing together, connecting on a whole new level.

Thank you Dreher High School Band and Dr. Christopher Lee for having me out today! I had a great time!


What's the best masterclass you've ever attended? Comment below!